SP-160 Model HDPE Pipe Welding Machine Manual Butt Welding Machine


Basic Info

  • NO .: SHM-160

  • Modell: Shm-160

  • Delivery Time: 3 Days

  • Warranty Period: 12 Months

  • Transport Package: Plywood Case

  • Origin: Zhejiang

  • Típus: Butt hegesztők

  • Application: HDPE Pipe

  • Fizetés: T / T

  • Védjegy: Peral Plaswood

  • Leírás: 0,5CBM

  • HS Code: 85152900


Application & Features:

1), 40-160 mm-es PE-hez, HDPE-hez, PP műanyag csőhegesztett hegesztéshez.

2), By fixture rack, heating plate, milling machine tool holder part.

3), Reasonable engineering and mechanical design for welding work more convenient and flexible; locking mechanism to avoid welding by external influences.

4), Fixed clamshell structure of the the card sets gland unilateral short and effective welding process by replacing the screw can also be changed back to the traditional gland.

5), Sealing pressure provided by the lever-drive mechanical transmission smooth, efficient and effective; ideal for under the trench operation.

6), The Activities group of card put on the unique design of the pressure holding bolts to facilitate the holding pressure cooling after welding work.

7), A motoros vágómaró.

8), Excellent value for money.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model SP-160 SP-200
Fusion Range 40-160mm 63-200mm
Butt eltérés â ‰ ¤0.2mm â ‰ ¤0.2mm
Temperature Deviation ±3oC ±3oC
Hőmérséklet fűtési tartomány 0 ~ 300oC 0 ~ 300oC
Fűtőteljesítmény 1.0kw 1.0kw
Trimmer teljesítmény 0.71kw 0.71kw
Total Power 1.7kw 1.7kw
Ellenőrzési út Kézi tolásvezérlés Kézi tolásvezérlés
fogó Két bilincs Két bilincs
Package Size 710/440/540 (mm) 710/440/540 (mm)
Súly 38kg 40kg
Dimenzió 0.13CBM 0.31CBM

Packing information:

Package Size: 55*50*49(cm)    1 plywood case
Total Volume: 0.13CBM Nettó súly: 31kgs Gross weight: 38kgs
  Basic Frame Heating Plate Marógép Support //
Méret 48*28*78(cm) 30*5*35(cm) 36*26*32(cm) 30*18.5*42(cm) //
Súly 20kgs 2.7kgs 6kgs 1.5kgs //
Erő 1.9kw/220V

Picture Butt Fusion Machine:

Packing Picture:

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