PPR Pipes Safe Use Can Be Guaranteed


The popularity of home decoration to promote the prosperity of the building materials market, PPR Pipesline is used in every home decoration materials used in water, and now the building materials market, PPR Pipesline variety, brand million, highly competitive. Many of which there are some PPR Pipesline to poor quality impact on the market, shoddy, consumers can not distinguish from the surface.

Poor quality PPR Pipesline life is short, can only use 1 to 2 years, consumers once selected a poor quality PPR Pipesline, in the short term use, it will leak, burst pipe and other accidents, just renovated new home may be destroyed In the once.

Hiteles PPR csövek normál körülmények között, akár 50 éves élettartam, PPR Pipesline nem high-tech termékek, meghatározzák a PP-R kulcs minőségét a nyersanyagokban

 How to choose the right pipe at the right price is a very important thing for them. The following recipe, teach you how to identify the PPR tube is good or bad:

Whether the texture is delicate, whether the particles are uniform. PPR tube is now on the market mainly white and gray green several colors, under normal circumstances, recycled plastic can not do white, so many people tend to think that white is the best, in fact, this view more one-sided. With the technical update to improve, the color is not a good standard to identify PPR Pipes. Tube is good or bad, that can not solve the problem, touch, rough particles may be mixed with other impurities.

Szaggal vagy anélkül. A PPR csövek a polipropilén fő anyaga, a jó cső illata nélkül, rossz a furcsa íze, valószínűleg a polipropilén helyett polietilénnel keveredik.

PPR tube with a considerable hardness, casually can be pinned into a deformation of the tube, certainly not PPR tube.

Good PPR tube, "resilient" good, too easy to smash naturally not a good PPR tube. But the hardness is not equal to the elasticity of good, on how to smash the broken PPR tube, we will have to doubt. Because some illegal manufacturers by adding too much calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve the hardness of the pipe, so that the tube with a long time prone to brittle fracture.

Ignite a burning, very intuitive and very useful. Raw materials mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities in the PPR tube will be black smoke, pungent smell; good material not only will not smoke after burning, no smell, after burning, the molten liquid is still very clean.

A PPR Pipess telepítéséhez nem lehetünk olyan professzionálisak, de megérteni a legalapvetőbb hegesztési lépéseket, hogy jobban ellenőrizhessük, hogy a vízvezetékek telepítése megfelel-e a normáknak, így biztosítva a vízvezetékek biztonságos használatát.

1, the surface of the pipe and joints to ensure clean, smooth, no oil.

2, need to mark in the pipeline to try to insert. (Equal to the fitting depth of the joint).

3, the entire embedded to carry out the depth of heating, including pipes and joints, are carried out in the welding tool.

4, to complete the heating time,PPR Pipes the pipeline smoothly and evenly pushed into the joints, so that their combination of solid and perfect.

5, in the pipe joints after welding within a few seconds, you can adjust the connector position.

6, in a short period of time, the connector can be with the load.

7, with a self-adjusting hot-melt welding machine to pipe and pipe welded together, the temperature is 260 ° C.

8, the machine connected to the power (220v) and wait for a moment, when the green light flashing that has reached the welding temperature, began to work.

9, because the material is light, flexible, all welding can be carried out on the table, this advantage can save man-hours.

10, sometimes in the wall to make some connections, we should pay attention to the joint location in the operation space, you can operate. If the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, the heating time is increased by 50%.